Stella, Iain and Doyle

Today I met three new buskers on Buchanan Street and added 2 more shots to my graded unit. I only have one more shot to get and I am absolutely buzzing about that!

I photographed Stella and Iain first. Followed by a unique busker called Doyle. Stella is a member of a band called 'Five Cousins' and Iain is a member of a different band called 'The Black Denims'. Even though they are from different bands Iain says they busk together quite a lot. 

Stella and Iain were not actually playing their instruments through the amp as I was taking this shot. They were when I walked by them the first time, but as I went to find them again, they were getting ready to pack up. I had to ask them to stay for a wee bit longer so I could photograph them. Which they were happy to do :D

I also took a portrait of Iain by himself, and a location shot from a different angle. 

I like seeing some of my shots for this project in colour, so this is something I am going to add every week when I update this page.

Stella and Iain were really nice people and their music was great as well! 

After photographing them I continued to walk down Buchanan Street with the friends I was dragging along with me. Daria, Rebecca and Bethany... Cheers guys ;) 

I saw a young lad playing an instrument that I had not seen being played by  a busker before. Can you tell what it is from the image at the top of the page?


Doyle was playing the Banjo! He said his Granda taught him to play the guitar, but he ended up switching to the banjo simply because he liked it. 

When I brought out the model release form for him to sign he said that the new STV channel done the same thing to him, except for a documentary! I photographed someone who was on TV! Well chuffed! Doyle was a nice lad and I really enjoyed listening to the unique music he was making!

Cheers man!