Jordan and Alex

Today I photographed a further two buskers, Jordan and Alex.

I photographed Jordan first. Jordan is the man playing the guitar, with the crazy yet brilliant long hair and cheesy smile. At first Jordan was sitting himself playing his guitar, he was happy to have his photograph taken, which is always a relief . 

Over the first couple of portraits you could tell Jordan was trying his best to keep a straight face, however this eventually exploded into laughter. 

Portraits begin to have more meaning when the person you are photographing is doing something that is natural to them and not 'put on' or 'acted'. I mean you probably don't know Jordan personally but from these photos you would think he is a happy, smiley person, and he really is just that. Capturing emotion like this through photography, to me, is very rewarding. 

Just as I was finishing up the portrait side of things, Jordan said that his friends were coming down to join him Busking before a Gig that they were preforming in later that night at Flat 102. Jordan's friends are the people you can see in the location shot.

jordan and friends

Their music was very mellow and happy, much like Jordan's personality.

He actually reminded me of Bob Marley. So heres Marley singing No woman No Cry:

In the future, I will record some of the buskers and put them on a Soundcloud for you's to hear.

Literally 100 yards from Jordan, was another busker called Alex Johnstone. What a guy! Alex said that when playing his clarinet, he always closes his eyes. Looking at portraits of him with his eyes opened and his eyes closed, it is obvious to see what ones are more natural looking. 

Hopefully you agree with me when I say that the portrait where Alex is closing his eyes is a much stronger and closer image. You can tell that Alex is more relaxed and natural. Closing his eyes has not always been a good thing but...

Alex told me that occasionally people would walk buy and try to sneak change out of his case. This was pretty surprising to hear, some people are just really low.


He also said that he likes busking in the specific lane we were at (Exxhangle Pl) because he gets a nice echo from his clarinet.


I had actually seen Alex playing a few times, in this same location, before I had even thought of photographing him. 


After taking the portraits of Alex, I moved away as I always do, in order to take the wider location shot. The shot that Alex had actually forgot all about me taking, as he whipped out a cigarette. 

I am still sitting here trying to figure out how he can still play the clarinet so well, with the smoke infected lungs. Its a mystery alright.