Today I photographed another homeless man called Jamie.


Before photographing Jamie, I experienced for the first time so far, rejection by someone I asked to photograph. Although this is perfectly fine and acceptable, it did have an affect on my confidence. As a result, I spent another hour dragging my friend James around town, being too scared to ask anyone if it was okay to take their photograph. For obvious reasons, James was getting annoyed. So we began to walk towards the train station to head home. 

As we got closer to the station, I looked down a lane called 'Dundas Ln' where I saw Jamie sitting there, and I just went for it. I showed Jamie some shots that I had taken, and he was more than happy to help me out, what a relief!

The location shot is the most edited shot of my 'People of Glasgow' project so far. I am going to show you the original file, then explain what I did in order to make it look like it does now. For me, photoshop is not cheating, it is just another tool in a photographers bag, so why not use it? (to a certain extent).

You will notice that besides the black and white conversion, there is obvious differences between the final shot and the shot I took. The main difference being the exposure on Jamie. 

Lightroom brush tool


So what did I do exactly? Well I used the magic wand that is the Lightroom Brush tool.  Open your files up in Lightroom, go to develop and just under the histogram (the wavy graph thing) you will see the brush symbol. Its the one circled on the image opposite. 



Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 22.30.32.png



From here, you can change certain settings of your brush. For my shot I moved up the exposure and shadows slightly. Note that the settings you see on the image opposite are just examples and not the settings I actually used. You can go back and change these settings whenever you want. 





From here, all I done was paint over Jamie. Note that this is just a rough idea of where I painted, I done some more fine tuning and essentially played around with the brush until I found something that I liked. The Lightroom brush tool is a great wee tool to use, and I'm am very thank full for it especially for this shot, as it made it a success.