Graham, Church and Viewbug

I got it! The last shot for my Graded Unit project. Graham was the man I photographed for this final shot, and what a sound guy he was. 

This shot was taken under the Central Station bridge, Glasgow. 

I am happy with the shot I have got here, but I know I could have done better. There was a point when I was taking the location shot that someone popped out of the Greggs next to Graham and handed him a coffee, but I failed miserably to capture it. The images I got of this happening were all out of focus and extremely under exposed. Gutted.  

However, in my defence, the lighting conditions were horrible. Underneath the bridge was very dark and as a result I had to bump up my ISO, which then caused the images to be noisy. 

For those that don't know, increasing your camera's ISO increases the sensitivity of the camera's sensor to light. Which allows you to use faster shutter speeds and smaller apertures in darker situations. However, by increasing your ISO you are also running the risk of making your images noisy. A 'noisy' image is an image that screams at you... 

Okay obviously that isn't true. A 'noisy' image is one that looks grainy. Look at this closer version of my location shot and you will be able to see 'rough' patches. Particularly in the walls and on Grahams face. 

noise example

This can sometimes destroy an image and make it unusable, which is why many photographers will refrain from increasing their ISO as much as possible. The amount of noise added to your image from an increase in the ISO depends on the capabilities of your camera. Full frame sensors will handle noise better than Cropped sensor's. Newer cameras will handle noise better than older ones (most of the time).

For this shot of Graham I think I will get away with the noise, however any more and this image would have been unusable. Never the less, I am very happy with this shot, and happy to say I have what I need to complete my graded unit. (Besides the workbook, thats going to be the bane of my life for the next week and a bit) I hope to extend this project further in the future, using a more varied range of people. 

Aside from Graded unit, I also attempted some architecture stuff this week. Something I have never really done before. I contacted Father T, who is my local Parish Priest at St Margret's Church and Our Holy Redeemers Church. He was happy to hook me up.

These images will just be used as practise shots. They are not edited, just straight from camera. The most amazing thing about photographing the inside of a church is definitely the light. The way it streams through the stained glass windows and onto the benches is a photographers dream. This is something I am going to take advantage of when I come around to photographing the Church for my final photos. 

Another thing that has happened this week is something I am very chuffed with. The portrait I took for my first Graded unit shot became a finalist on ViewBugs headshot contest! I want to thank everyone who voted, I really do appreciate it. :) 


Till next week... Cheers.