My brothers wedding weekend was one of the best weekends of my life. One thing I have learned from it is that Haig Whisky is not my friend... 

Although I was at the wedding as not only an usher but an extremely proud wee brother, I did take some time out of the morning to grab a few snaps of the family and friends that came along. I think it is fair to say that everyone looked smashing. 

More photos were taken by family and friends on the day, and every single one is fantastic!

Speaking about weddings, on the 18th of July 2015 I have been asked to be the photographer at a very Glasgow Themed wedding, perfect! The bride to be Amy wants photos of the groom and herself in front of famous places around Glasgow. I went around last week with my friends Meghan and Sophie to practice a few shots.

I will be going out again sometime this week to practice some more, I am really looking forward to see how these photos will turn out for real :D