Fashion, Design and G41

Big thanks to the amazing people at 'The Barrowlands' for granting me access to shoot in their amazing venue! I have now photographed here on two occasions and each time has been an absolute privilege. 


When planning for this shoot, I actually intended to get a completely different looking image in a completely different looking part of the Barrowlands. In fact, heres a look at my plan.

A man Called Dez (probably spelt differently) had been in and set up the dressing room for us arriving. Heating on and everything! Dez told me that he started working in the Barrowlands one night in 1987 when he was at the bar drinking a pint, when manager Tom Joy's asked him if he could pour a pint. Dez relied yes and moved behind the bar where he started serving. As easy as that eh ;) 

It wasn't until I showed up on the day and saw the bar in the main hall that my whole idea changed. 

When I did eventually get around to trying to make this shot, there was a sudden power cut and we had to leave. I'll go back another day to get the shot I originally planned to get.

I did manage to get two completely different shots. Below is the second one.

 Model - Chelsey Sarah Corneilus

Model - Chelsey Sarah Corneilus

Influence for wanting to do this shoot came from 3 places. A photograper Called 'Martin D Barker'. A movie called 'Birdman' and another movie called 'The Legend of Barney Thompson'.

Change of Design

A few years ago I met an artist called 'Stuart McGhee' at a comic con at the SECC. Recently I contacted him to draw a carton version of myself that I could use for Facebook profile pictures and business cards.  I am more than chuffed with the results :D The website has also had a a wee makeover so feel free to look around! 

By Stuart McGhee

Events - G41 Race night

I shot one event this week which was a race night organised by my friends student events organising business called G41.


Met this wee guy in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens this week as I was there for some location research for a shot I'm currently working on, On the actual shoot day I met what I'm presuming (hoping) to be the same squirrel.

Taken on iPhone 6, Edited with Instagram

Creative / Tests Images

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