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Farmer by day,  chainsaw sculptor by night. Hamish Maxwell has been working on farms longer than I have been alive. Aside from this he has self taught himself how to bring logs to life through carvings. Ranging from benches to full size giraffes to eagles and bears, Hamish certainly knows his stuff when It comes to chainsaw sculpting. The perfect subject for a documentary project. 

The images you see above were all taken on the same day using a mix of natural light and flash guns. The reason behind this project was to complete a college documentary brief that will eventually take the form of a Photobook. I'm kinda buzzing about that. Seeing your images printed is a very good experience, seeing a series of images in your own book should be amazing. 


Speaking of prints, have a look at this. Thats me, holding my biggest print to date featuring a few of my People of Glasgow images. These photos will hang in the new college building next year. Since the college no longer need this test print, I got to keep it. Result! 


Feel free to have a look at some more images from this series below. 


This week was probably the busiest week I have ever had in terms of shoot days. My friend Rowan Suarez (make up artist) and I worked together in order to produce five different shoots across three days. 

Day 1 

Model - Katy Kllday

The first look we were going for was a street themed editorial fashion shoot. For this we used two locations. The first one was a wall just around the back of St Enochs shopping centre that had a really cool looking painting of a cat and bird cage on it. I liked the bright colours and luckily enough they matched Katy's makeup. 

When shooting in public places, you are always going to get hit with all sorts of banter by passers by. Given Glasgow's friendly nature, this wasn't a problem and I think it actually loosened everyone up a bit. The first wall wasn't that busy, but the second was facing right onto a main road. 

For the second lot of images we moved to the tennents wall. I've shot here once before for Mr and Mrs Campbell on their big day, so I knew the attention it would grab. 

 Mr and Mrs Campbell, Tennents wall, Glasgow

Mr and Mrs Campbell, Tennents wall, Glasgow

We got a few people tooting their horns and a lovely woman who wished us luck with our project. Glasgow really is a friendly place. 

We then moved into the studio where I got to use this beast of a lens for the first time. The 300mm...

big lens
behind the scenes

For the studio images we were going for a more commercial themed look.

I have a few more images still to edit for the commercial shoot, and I will get around to processing them soon. 

Day 2


Model - Arron Mckenna

This shot looks a bit different yeah? Its a shot I took as part of a college brief called 'Fantasy Fashion.' The shot is made up from 8 different images. Have a look at this video to see the amount of layers that went into making it. 

We made that shot at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, which was the chosen location for day 2 of shooting.

I would say the images from day two that I'm most proud of have got to be the studio ones. 

Day 3

The last day of shooting for this project, with a completely different kind of shoot, all the way up to beautiful Luss. 

Model - Michaela Kite

This was the 'runway' shoot. Since I have no access to an actual runway, I had the idea of using a dock because it has the same kinda shape as one. When Rowan said Michaela was going to be wearing tartan, we knew the dock had to have some sort of Scottish scenery in the background. 

We got to Luss at around half two, absolutely freezing, and found a dock almost fully submerged in water. Luckily Michaela was a trooper and decided to stand on it for a few shot anyways.

Other shots from this week

Before I got to my final fantasy image, I attempted it two times. I think its good to see how an image starts out. Sometimes it doesn't always work the first time. 

Thanks for reading guys, I really appreciate it! Feel free to ask any questions or leave any feedback! 

Till next time, Cheers!












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