Headshots, Posters and Assisting

The start of 2016 has been very busy for me. Hallelujah! I've been shooting a few headshots for Aisha, Joe and Brian followed by a poster shoot for an up coming double act sketch show by Sarah and Lee from Breakthrough Productions. I've also shot for an up coming sports brand and PT Training company called You vs You.

Lets start off by talking about the shot a lot of you are probably looking at, wondering what the hell is going on.

Client : Breakthrough Productions

Location : The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

Models : Sarah O'Docherty & Lee McIntosh 

The purpose of this shot is to be a poster for a double act sketch show called "It's Not All Slee-ze". The image has still to be 'jazzed' up by a designer in terms of adding writing and poster things. I cant wait to see the end result. 

So whats going on? Well as this is going to be a comedy sketch, there is supposed to be some kind of humour involved in the poster. The sudden change of outfit on both models demonstrates this. This links in to the plot of the show in some way, to find out how I guess you will just have to go see the show in March 20th, 22nd or 25th @ Yes Bar ;) 


Above is a little behind the scenes shot taken by Max from Breakthrough Productions.

Moving on to probably my biggest shooting day to date, You vs You


  Model : Stuart Dickson

Model : Stuart Dickson

Client : You vs You 

Location : Outside In

Model : Stuart Dickson

The purpose of this shoot was to create images that can be used as fitness training shots as well as fashion shots advertising the You vs You clothing brand. A lot of planning went into this shoot, so we had a good idea of what we wanted before the actual shooting day. For each of the shots shown, two speed lights were used. 

The location used for this shoot was perfect for what we were going for. It had that grungy gritty feel to it which is exactly what we wanted. Located in Glasgow near Central Station. 


Behind the scenes shot.


Brian Mckigen, Aisha Toussaint and Joe Rising are the amazing people and soon to be movie stars who's faces are slide showing above. Shooting head shots was something I started off doing as part of my 'People of Glasgow' graded unit project last year, and since then it has been something I am quite comfortable doing. Thanks guys! 

Apart from shooting, I have also had the absolute pleasure assisting Chris Blott on his shoot for Slaters and their prom wear. Watching a very well established photographer work is something I will never take for granted. Thanks for the opportunity Chris! I'm really looking forward to seeing the end results to the shoot. the location of this shoot was SWG3 Warehouse.

Below are a few iPhone shots of the location and just general things I thought looked cool. 


Those were big letters.


Looks like a lift straight out of any horror movie you have ever seen. 


The studio itself was very very cool, it even had an infinity clove which is quite difficult to find. 

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Overall a very good start to the year! Thanks for reading! While your hear you should totally check out the newest addition to this website. A 'Recent' page that I will be updating regularly. 





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